Commercial & Investment Properties

When you consider the price of real estate in the Puget Sound
area as a whole,Skagit County, with it’s lower property prices,
has many commercial and investment opportunities.

Commercial Land and Buildings

Windermere’s website as a general rule does not do a good job of tracking
commercial listings. However, Windermere’s Commercial web site –
Windermere Commercial does track a good deal of the commercial listings
in the county.  It’s a good place to begin a search for commercial properties.
If you decide to use this web site in your search for property, I would recommend
(as I recommend for the residential site) that you set up an account.
This is a pretty painless process that will enable you to refine a search one time.
Otherwise you will spend a lot of time each time you search getting to Skagit
county listings.  With an account you will also be able to receive email updates
on a daily or weekly basis with new listings that meet your search criteria.
Feel free to contact me if you would like me to help you get a search set up.

Windermere Commercial and other commercial web sites in our area mainly
use data collected from theCommercial Brokers Association (CBA) listings.
I’m a member of this association and usually will have access to more information
about any of their listings that you come across; feel free to contact me for
more complete information and a assessment of any commercial or investment
property that you areconsidering purchasing.

Duplex and Multi-Family Properties

The searches that I’ve set up on my main page will include most multi-family

properties in the area,however there will be some that properties on Windermere

Commercial that are not on the MLS or Windermere.